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Pleasure vs. Contentment

We’ve gotten attached to temporary things, and we wondered why our happiness never lasted.”

Happiness (adjective): the feeling of showing pleasure or contentment.

How easy, right? Such a simple word.  And an even more simple concept.  It seems like it isn’t that hard to find happiness these days.  In our culture, we can find happiness in many different aspects.  There is happiness in school, in our workplaces, in relationships, the list in endless.  We can find that “pleasure” so easily with the world being at our fingertips.  However, the dictionary version of happiness does not equate to what our version of happiness should be.  There is a huge difference between two keywords in that definition, pleasure and contentment, and that difference comes down to these concepts; temporary and lasting.

I think too often in our culture we settle for that temporary happiness instead of finding lasting contentment.  We settle because it is easy, because it is comfortable, or because we are afraid of change.  However, have you ever wondered what it would be like to get rid of those temporary things that only bring you a feeling of pleasure sometimes?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like not taking the easy route for once?  Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to maybe, just maybe, not justify your actions/lifestyle/happiness for once?  Well, if you are anything like me than you most definitely have felt that way before.  And it is not a fun feeling.  It’s not satisfying to feel like you have to justify.  It gets old taking the easy route all the time.  And it is not fulfilling to not feel “okay”.

Was it easy for me to admit that I was finding myself settling for temporary pleasure?  NO.  Not one bit.  It is not easy to admit that your lifestyle needs to change.  And it is even harder to  actually commit to making those changes.  But, I will tell you one thing… it was SO worth it.  Identifying where I was seeking happiness made me realize how I was treating myself…  And during my first two years of college, I treated myself poorly.  I was finding “that” happiness at parties.  I was identifying myself as “the fun girl”.  I wanted to look like I just lived the ideal college lifestyle. Does it sound silly when I say these things out loud to you? OF COURSE it does.  But admitting these silly things is what helped me come to my senses.  I realized that I was settling for that temporary pleasure instead of lasting contentment.   So I made a three key changes.

I started putting myself first.

I removed toxic people from my life.        

I started recognizing the moments I felt contentment.

Yes, those three changes seem super simple.  And now that I look back, they are.  But at the time they were very difficult.  At the time, change was not easy, and it was really scary to completely re-work my life.  But, a year later, I see how worth it this change actually was.  So many people are reaching out to me and telling me that they can tell I am finally happy, and that it is genuine.  And for once, I can say that life is treating me really good.

Now I am not saying you need to feel fully content 24-7, because you don’t.  You’re never ever going to have a completely perfect life, and everything is not always going to go just how you planned.  But, if you start taking more control of where you are finding your happiness, the percentage of good will increase massively.  Therefore I have a few challenges for you this upcoming week.

Identify where you are finding your happiness, and once you pinpoint it think “am I proud admitting this?” or “am I okay with this being how people view me?”  And finally, admit to yourself if your happiness is temporary pleasure or lasting contentment.  I promise you, once you recognize these few things, and acknowledge them to yourself, you will begin to make those changes to the life you truly want to live.  And that life will be a journey filled with everlasting joy.

With all that I am,




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