Igniting Your Faith – Godly Goals For Summer 2018

“God loves us the way we are, but too much to leave us that way.” Leighton Ford

Imagine this summer listening more than speaking.

Imagine this summer staying in more than going out.

Imagine this summer praying more than worrying.

Imagine this summer journaling instead of holding thoughts captive.

Imagine this summer asking God questions instead of claiming to know God’s answers.

Imagine this summer spiritually flourishing instead of falling into societies trap of “summer fun” and forgetting about all of the relationship building that you have achieved.

Imagine that this summer, your bucket list isn’t just about the places that you want to visit and the adventures that you want to go on, but it is about the person you have been and want to become. Instead, maybe your bucket list this year contains the goals that you want to achieve in all the different areas of your life, not creating memories but creating a healthy and positive outlook of yourself and of your future.  Maybe this year, your bucket list includes more “goals” in the areas of self-love, fitness, and faith, rather than hiking, boating, and staying up late.

Now don’t get me wrong, in this post you are not going to hear me BASH summer bucket lists, because I made one.  I still have places I want to visit, and memories I want to make.  However, I altered my typical summer bucket list for 2018.  This summer, I want to focus more on finding out the answer to a few questions about myself, my relationship with myself, and my relationship with God. In this post, you’ll discover 9 ideas for your Godly goals of Summer 2018 (after all, inner travel is just as important as outer travel).

The Questions 

First, like I stated above, this summer I want to ask myself a few questions.  I want to learn where I am at in my faith.  And that begins with where I am at with myself.

Am I enough?  Do I believe that I am enough? Do I trust that I am doing the best that I can?  Why do I doubt the placement of my life so frequently?

It begins with the perspective you have about where you’re  at in life.  And personally, I’ve had a struggle with this one. However, once I have learned to explore, address, and pinpoint how I actually perceive myself, I could begin to work on loving myself more.  And with loving myself more, I was about to ask myself the next question.

Why have I developed this relationship with myself?  When do I feel like this relationship is improving and vice versa?

I had to first address why I believe that I am not enough (or vice verse if you have amazing self-love – you go girl!) and where do I feel that “not enough” feeling thriving.  And as soon as I could identify where that “worthless” feeling was thriving, I finally could work on my relationship with God.  And that is where igniting your faith through Godly summer goals comes in.

The Goals

This summer I have so many things that I want to accomplish.  Yes, I want to hike 10+ trails throughout Michigan, and yes, I want to go on the lake as much as possible and document it all.  But I also want to reveal to myself the Lord’s truth that He has to offer and how to take full advantage of the life He wants to give me.  You see, this past school year was a spiritual one for me.  I learned that God wants a personal relationship with me, He loves me despite my past sin, and He wants to bring me to a wonderful future that I could never even imagine.  However, He needs to me talk to Him.  He needs me to pray more than I worry.  He needs me to ask more than I assume.  And most of all, in order to do this, He needs me to be obedient, more than I am carefree.  And although I love carefree summer nights, in order to not lose the track that I am on, I have to stay persistent.  I have to press on towards the end goal of eternity and it starts now.

Here are a few goals/ideas I want (and hopefully you will too after reading this) to accomplish and test this summer. Like I stated, God loves us just as we are, but He loves us WAY too much to keep us that way.  So let’s find revelation! Let’s find new beginnings and answers this summer!  Lets ignite our faith!

Invest in a prayer journal or make a prayer wall.  Learn to record prayer requests, talks with God, and answered prayers, you will instantly be able to watch how God is moving in your life.

Have the discipline to take more time offline in order to get in touch with yourself and with God.

Read the Bible AT LEAST every other day. And then journal about it, or talk with someone about it, to explore what Truth’s He revealed to you.

Take time each morning, afternoon, and night to send a quick, 1-5 minute prayer up to the Lord.  Example: Let Him know 1 thing you are worried about, 1 thing you are happy about, and 1 thing that reminded you of Him today to deepen your faith in the power of His grace and compassion.  Talk to Him.  Let Him know where you are at, otherwise, He can’t help you.

Find a faith-based book that is on a topic you struggle with spiritually, and learn to conquer it! (My favs so far have been Joyce Meyer “You Can Begin Again” and “Battlefield of the Mind”, and Sharon Jaynes “enough.”)

Get a planner or start using a calendar to strategically plan your time and tasks more responsibly for deepening your faith.  You are more likely to do it if the time is already set aside. 

If you are single, actually take the summer to find contentment within yourself and security within God without a guy.  You don’t need him, you need Him.  (favorite series ever is Relationship Goals by Michael Todd, click here to check it out.)

If you are in a relationship, reevaluate where you guys are spiritually and what you should put into practice to grow towards God, together.

Learn to use discernment to make better boundaries about when to say “no” so you can focus on where God is directing you.  This can be with anything, partying, alone time, when you workout, when you want to be with family, etc.  Do what benefits YOU in God’s eyes, not what benefit yourself in your own eyes.

And finally,

Take time daily to identify one LIE I tell myself, and replace it with ONE TRUTH in the Bible. For me, I often struggle with body image (maybe yours is different) but I have found verses that have reversed the lie for me. Take time to study God’s Word and find truth that reverses the lies.  Then, every morning tell yourself the lie OUT LOUD, you will hear how CRAZY IT SOUNDS, and then immediately say the Truth verse right after.  Watch your self-love, and perspective on yourself completely switch.  

Now, I know this is a lot, and I know I also posted a blog on my summer bucket list of adventures and memory seeking. However, I want to prioritize my faith this year.  I want to personally know God, so when I am out adventure seeking, I see Him in everything.  I want to believe His Truth’s so deeply that the lies others tell me, and that I tell myself, don’t even pop into my thoughts anymore.  And most of all, I want to see the beauty of His perfect timing in everything.  And I hope you do too.  We can do this, together, I promise you that.  It just takes that initial step of making that goal, and writing it down.  How are you going to ignite your faith this summer?

With all that I am,


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