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A College Girls Summer Bucket List

“Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year’s all about.” John Mayer

Spring Break is almost just a tease for us college students. “You’re almost done with this year of school, so go have fun for a week, enjoy the sun, be with your friends. BUT WAIT. You still have 7 more weeks of school left. You still need to study and get your life together.  Your grades still have to improve tremendously.” It can be so annoying waiting for the days when we can finally go to the beach with all of our friends. But, summer is right around the corner, and it’s knocking at our door.

Instead of sitting around for the next 7 weeks reminiscing about how awesome SB2k18 was, this year I decided to plan ahead to make this summer the best one yet. Here is a list of my top 10 things that are on my summer bucket list, and I believe should be on every college students bucket list.

Go to a Drive-In movie

The Getty Drive-In is located in Muskegon and offers a cheap and fun experience.  Tickets on Tuesdays  only cost $8 for 2 movies on the big screen!! Also, they feature 4 different films at the venue.  So, whether you decide to go with your girlfriends, or your boy, this is a cheap and fun activity to do on a starry, summer night.

Go to an amusement park

Living in the Mitten state, we are close to 3 major theme parks; Michigan’s Adventures, Cedar Point, and Six Flags.  Although I am not a huge fan of roller coasters, I do think amusement parks have something for everybody, whether it is games, the water park, or even the ferris wheel.

Go to a fair or a carnival

Luckily, being in Michigan means that we have county fairs almost ALL summer long!  From the huge Allegan County Fair that has major country stars performing, to the Coast Guard festival, or  even your local county fair, this is a fun and cheap thing to do with your friends.  Eat some fried food, watch the fireworks, and enjoy a blast from the past.

Attend outdoor concerts

Watching your favorite artist live is fun, but seeing them perform outside in the beautiful Michigan weather is even better.  DTE Energy, Soaring Eagle, and many other venues will host big names at their outdoor venues.  With ticket prices for the lawn averaging at $60, it is a cheap and fun way to spend the night with a group of people.

Run a 5k

As many of you know, I love to be healthy and keep a balanced lifestyle between fun and fitness.  Therefore, what better way to enjoy both fun and fitness than to do a 5k!  Get a group of your girls signed up, and do The Color Run, The Tough Mudder, or something that will be fun, challenging, and rewarding!

Go tubing/kayaking down a river with friends

Living in the Mitten state, we are so graciously surrounded by rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and fresh water in all mediums.  This year, cool off on a hot day by renting tubes with your friends, and drinking a beer while floating down the river.  It’s relaxing, you will get a nice tan (or burn), and have so many fun memories.

Have plenty of bonfires and lake days

Considering I live on a lake, this is probably one of my favorite things to do in the summertime.  Relaxing on a tube, kayaking the shore, riding on the pontoon, everything about being on the lake is enjoyable!  I challenge you to take at least ONE day where you are in your swimsuit from sunrise to sunset, enjoying the beauty of Michigan, and having good food and conversation with great people.  You will not regret it.

Take a trip to the UP

Enjoy summertime in Northern Michigan this year by packing up your bags, and taking a long weekend to relax in the nature of the UP!  There are more than a dozen state parks just in the UP, and a few of the spots are even national parks.  From Mackinac, to Tahquamenon, to the Pictured Rocks, to Whitefish point, there is always a destination to see UP north!

Go camping

Camping is one of the cheapest, yet most relaxing and beautiful activities you can do in the summer.  With most campgrounds costing an average of $30 per night, it is very affordable and fun to get a group of friends or family, and rent out a few sites for the weekend.  Whether you want to camp the Great Lakes, stay local, or go out of the state, you won’t regret it.

See a movie in the park

Finally, something I still have yet to do, but always attempt to try out.  Many cities, including GR, will host movie nights in the park.  Most of the time they are older movies, or family movies, but what is better than having a picnic on a starry night and watching Dirty Dancing?  Whether you turn this into a date night, or go with your mom, it beats the old movie theater any day!

This year, I am challenging not only you, but also myself.  I am challenging us to watch more sunsets than Netflix.  To spend more days in flip-flops than on the couch.  To enjoy more starry nights than 10 hours of sleep.  And to make the most of every moment instead of saying “next year”.  This year, I know I am going to really try to be intentional with who I see, what I do, and the memories I make.  I want to capture every moment so I can look back and have no regrets.  I want to spend every beautiful day outside, and spend every moment with someone I love.  Are you going to make the most of this summer?  Or will you just settle with “next year” again?

With all that I am,


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