Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Protein Truffles

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It is finally December! And you know what that means…. The holiday season is officially in full swing! Well maybe not for all of us… I know that many of us work, are finishing up the Fall semester with classes, or just can’t seem to find a second to spare, but I still hope you all are starting to enjoy yourselves and the season… At least somewhat. I know for me, lately, the only down time I have seem to have is when I am not working or studying… So basically, NEVER. However, with the weather being cozy, and the Michigan weather bringing us the snowy-feel of Christmas, it seemed only necessary to get creative in the kitchen!  On my most recent Instagram poll (if you don’t follow me, you should @squigi35) I asked what sweet treat people wanted me to experiment with next, chocolate dipped peanut butter protein truffles or pumpkin protein donuts.  And well, you guessed it, truffles won!

If you know me at least a little bit, you would know that I love to experiment in the kitchen making clean and tasty treats, and this recipe turned out BOMB if I do say so myself. And, I feel that this recipe is the perfect treat for the health junkie that wants to follow their macros, yet still feel full of sugary-satisfaction of the holiday’s!

Personally, I think it that these truffles have a pretty great nutritional profile and although I am still trying to find the perfect “sweet treat” recipe for you guys, I will never stop experimenting or sharing these experimental recipes with you all!! However, I think that this treat has surpassed all the others, if I do say so myself.

With that said, here is the recipe, the nutritional profile, and the directions to the natural, 6-ingredient, Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Protein Truffles … enjoy! <3



  • ½ Cup of Natural Peanut Butter (I used Aldi’s brand Simply Nature.  You can use any type of nut butter that you would like. Maybe even cookie butter for a more unhealthy, yet still somewhat healthy, version of this. ;))
  • 3 Tablespoons of Honey (Not pictured, however, I used Meijer’s organic brand True Goodness)
  • 1 Ounce of Dark Chocolate
  • 3 Tablespoons of Oats (I used Meijer’s organic brand True Goodness)
  • ⅓ Cup of Almond Flour (I used Target’s brand Simply Balanced)


    • 1 Packets of Chocolate Vega Proteins and Greens Powder (Found this at Target. Truly, you could use any protein powder of your choice.)
    • Extra Chocolate Chips
  • Sprinkles


  1. First, you will mix your peanut butter, honey, and oats in a small bowl.  If you chose to add protein powder, and extra chocolate chips, now would be the time to add those in.
  2. Next, you will add in your almond flour, and mix until the base is “dough-like”.
  3. Refrigerate your “dough” for 5-10 minutes.  This will make the next step easier.
  4. Now, you are ready to roll your dough into small little bit-size truffle balls.  I rolled my “dough” into about 15 medium sized truffle balls, however, you can make them as little or a big as you want.  Just remember, my nutrition profile below is based on 15 truffles.
  5. Again, once your “dough” is made into truffle, refrigerate or freeze the truffles for 5-10 minutes.  This helps the dough hold together better.
  6. Finally, you are ready to “coat” your truffles.  There is many ways you can do this.  Some people choose to coat the truffles with cocoa powder, which is why I have it featured in the “ingredients photo”.  However, considering it is the holiday season I chose make it a little more festive.  Some truffles I coated with melted dark chocolate, and then sprinkled with festive colors.  However, other truffles I just simply drizzled chocolate over the top.  Remember, how you coat your truffles will alter the nutrition profile slightly.  For instance, cocoa dusted would leave you the healthiest, then drizzled chocolate, and finally chocolate covered.
  7. After you have coated your truffles to your liking, you can either freeze them to speed up the cooling process, or wait about 1 hour to eat.

And, voila! You now have Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Protein Truffles.  The nutrition profile for this sweet treat is very good, in my opinion, as it has 4 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, 7 grams of carbs, and 91 calories.  For a very easy, natural, and quick sweet treat, I feel that it is a pretty “guilt-free” way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Now, grated, there are MANY different ways you can go about this recipe.  You can chose to use different protein powder, or you do not have to add protein at all. You can choose to coat the truffles in white chocolate, or you don’t have to coat it at all… The list is endless as to how you can create this to gear more towards your likings, however, in the end, this is a recipe that is healthy, sweet, easy, and if you would like, festive. However, feel free to drop anything out of the recipe you don’t like, or bake it as is.  Either way, I want to hear your thoughts! So make sure you reach out and let me know what you love or what you hate!

Feel free to leave any suggestions on a recipe you want me to try next, sweet treat or not! I am always up for something new in the kitchen.  Enjoy this week, y’all! I hope it is filled with love, health, positivity, and kindness!

Happy Holidays!

With all that I am,


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