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Hi everyone! I am so happy that you are here and checking out my blog; The Soulful Ways.  I would like to say welcome and thank you for browsing!

The Soulful ways is centered on “the journey” and finding your path to a happy, healthy, and balanced life, both mentally and physically.  

I consider life a journey and something where we are constantly learning, experiencing new adventures and growing.  In this blog you are going to find many different topics that I believe will help you in finding your path and your direction.  From health and wellness, to food recipes, to relationships and faith, and even traveling/reviews.  I’m here to help share my gains through things I’ve experienced in hope that it can help you in some way, big or small.

Although I am young (I am only 21), I still feel that I have so much to share with the world!  I have seen myself go through a lot of change since I graduated high school, which was about 4 years ago now.   Some of that change has been good.  However, much of the change I went through was not healthy for me.  Despite some of those bumps in the road, I have realized that it was all part of what I like to call “the journey”, which is such an ongoing process that really never ends.  Now, let me give you a little background information both on my blog and on myself.

The Girl Behind The Screen:

I’m Nicole, a 21 year old girl who has a deep passion living a balanced lifestyle.   I love to stay active and busy, so you will either find me at the gym practicing my handstands or hiking with my boyfriend and our dog, Busch. Learning and growth are probably my two favorite things, and finding who you really are as a person is my passion.  I love trying to relate all my decisions, relationships, and experiences back to Christ, because only He is the one who truly knows our destination and how to help us through this messy thing we call life.

A few quick facts about me:

I used to be a competitive gymnast and now I spend my time working out by doing functional training, and I absolutely love it.

I live in the beautiful, chilly, unpredictable state of Michigan and I absolutely love everything about it.

I enjoy spending my summers paddle-boarding, hiking, biking, going camping with my cute boyfriend, and spending time on the pontoon with my family.

My boyfriend and I recently bought a dog and his name is Busch. And if you are asking… Yes, we named him after the beer.

We also have  a cute kitty named Walter, who basically thinks he is a dog.

Peanut butter or trail mix are probably my biggest weakness in the world.

Currently, I am a super-senior in college and will graduate with a degree in Marketing and Project Management.

Instagram is probably my favorite social media and I LOVE pictures (follow me on insta!!)

The Reasoning Behind The Name:

I know many of you are probably a little curious about the name of my blog; The Soulful Ways.  And to be honest, I was at first too.  I thought to myself “what is the best way for me to incorporate the most important aspects of my life into one name?”  It was really hard for me to come up with a good name because I wanted people to realize that I am an avid fitness-junkie, and that I love to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. But, I also didn’t want people to not look at my blog and feel with discouraged or like they had to lose 10 pounds (trust me – I have felt like that before).  Which is where I came to my conclusion of The Soulful Ways. To be soulful means to be compassionate, do things meaningfully, and to show deep emotion. It means to find your healthy balance  when it comes to taking care of your body yet still enjoying life.  It means to find a healthy relationship with yourself through molding healthy habits that will last your whole life. Therefore, in The Soulful Ways, the underlying message in each blog post (hopefully) is: being vulnerable is okay.  Being vulnerable with your faith, your fitness, your body, your past, whatever it may be, is okay.  You are allowed to feel lost, confused, and not quite really sure where you want to be in the place. It is perfectly okay to show that you care, to show deep emotions, and to be compassionate.  Being vulnerable means that you’re conscious of others and that you care about your well-being. However, what is important is that you use your vulnerability and deep emotions towards your passions and the direction you see your life going, in a healthy way. And I am here to show you that health is different for everyone, but nevertheless, we can support everyone’s personal version of what a healthy life means to them.

In The Soulful Ways my goal is to help you engage in your vulnerability, and use that to find your purpose and connect to your inner self so you can be in touch with your soul and bloom.

In The Soulful Ways, not only will you learn about yourself, how to go through tough decision-making, and how to find your niche in the healthy/fitness industry, but you will also learn how to relate your past to where your future is going, in a healthy way.  I am here to show you, through experience, that a healthy and balanced life is both physical and mental.


I just want to say one last time, thank you so much for visiting my blog!

I cannot wait to share my journey with you and help you find your path.  Feel free to connect with me through all aspects of my life. I would love to hear from you if any of this sounds up your alley or interesting.  See all of my social media usernames below if you would like to chat.

With all that I am,


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