Living Authentically – 6 Mantras For A Right Life

“It’s about the choice to show up and be real.  The choice to be honest.  The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

Hello radiant souls!  Happy Wednesday! And most of all… Happy hump day, it is almost the weekend (woohoo)!

Now, recently, my life has come to be extremely busy.  And when I say extremely busy, no I am not being dramatic, I basically am on-the-go 24/7.  It seems as if I am only in the coziness of my home for either sleeping, or a quick bite to eat before the next task has to begin.  Anybody else feel me?  It seems like I never get a breath to even take before the next project is in front of my eyes.  And sometimes, it overwhelms me.  Sometimes, it really gets to me and I can see myself starting to shift towards a “swamped-mindset” instead of looking at all of the benefits and remembering how awesome I really am.

“It’s like I never get a break.” “I mean this sucks, but it’s not like I tooooootally hate it. It’s just not 100% me, but I can deal.” “Part of being a grownup is doing things you don’t want to do. That’s just how it goes.”

Do you feel your heart sinking a little bit as you read those? Yeah, me, too. I am almost positive we’ve probably all grumbled excuses like this a few times a week for most of our lives, I know I do, especially now that I am “adulting” (lol). However, there is something that I have come to realize and it is so very near and dear to my heart and I will never let it go.   This realization is “keep going, you are amazing and can do this!”

Realization:    If you choose to sell yourself short, sell yourself out, or not follow your passion(s), your true and authentic nature will never be reached… And this serves no one and no purpose in this world.

Wow.  No surprise that the more your life reflects your genuine nature, the more joyful you will be.  Yet, it takes so many people, including myself, to really get to that point in this earthly life.  I know for me, I struggled with doing things because “it seemed right” or hanging out with people because “they had been there forever” or even over booking myself because “this is what growing up is, being so busy you can’t even think.”  However, once I was honest with myself and came to that realization, I knew that growing up, adulting, and evolving does not have to be that way.  And I am sure that if you’re really honest with yourself, you probably know what lights you up and what dims your brightness. You know where you thrive and where you drag your heels. The problem often lies with acting on that knowledge.

It’s easier to give into expectations and obligations, and it can be pretty hard to be true to yourself, trust me, I know this first hand.  But take courage, this is a lifelong process, and you can get there!  Slowly, but surely, you can get there.

With that in mind, here are 6 mantras you can try to help you live your most authentic life. These 6 mantras have really helped me learn how to come back down to earth, be more realistic, and understand how joyful I can be when I am unapologetically myself.  I wrote these as “I will” or “i am” statements because we could all use a little self-affirmation every now and then (or all the time) in order to feel loved and feel powerful!

Write them down, post them somewhere visible, or just recite them aloud in the car on your way to work. You got this.  We got this.

  • I will follow my curiosities.
    • When something intrigues you, don’t fight it.  Follow it.  Don’t be afraid to switch your major (I did many times and it’s OK because I found my dream), your career, your friend group, your workout routine, etc.  Follow what you feel interested in, most of the time it is because that is what you’re passionate about.  Don’t feel bad for leaving the old to bring in the new, that might just be where your new dreams/goals reside.
  • I am in agreement with life and I resist nothing.
    • Stop, stop, stop resisting life.  Sometimes bad happens, and sometimes good happens, either way, a lesson can be learned and there is a benefit to gain.  It might be learning through a hard breakup to ditch guys for a while, or learning that you are really good at sales through successes at your job, each trial and triumph will SHAPE YOU, not break you.
  • I will not compare my progress to anyone but my inner self.
    • Don’t compare your progress with that of others.  We all need our own time to travel our own distance.  Focus on the step you are taking now, and make the best of it.
  • I will practice patience daily and trust that it is a sign of strength.
    • Patience is a genuine expression of confidence, acceptance, serenity, and faith in your own ability.  It’s a sign of strength.  Practice it.
  • I will be present in every moment of life – good or bad, and I will stop running away when life gets tough.
    • Stop running away.  Breathe.  Be where you are.  You’re where you’re supposed to be at this very moment.  Every step and experience is necessary.
  • I will do my best, and accept being a beginner if need be, or take charge.
    • Allow yourself to be a beginner.  No one starts off being great.  Do the best you can until you know better.  Once you know better, do better. I can never stop learning, and growth can happen in every circumstance.

You all are so beautiful, and we all are so beautiful in our own, and unique way.

Remember that no one can take your personality, your goals, or your story away from you.  So rock it.  Learn from it.  Write a magnificent chapter.  Turn the page, and repeat.  You got this, you already have all of the tools for a right life, start living it!

With all that I am,




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