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10 Things You Should Do This Holiday Season in Michigan

“Don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins this holiday season.”

Hot chocolate and big hugs. Building snowmen and attending hockey games. Watching Christmas movies and baking cookies. Winter is full of joy. It is full of life because of the traditions, vibes, family gatherings, and time spent with loved ones.

These next few months can be some of the best months of your life if you stop thinking about how cold Michigan is and start embracing the fun things it has to offer. Here are 10 things you should try to smoosh into your jam-packed winter bucket list to enjoy a little more of Pure Michigan.

1. Ice Skate at Rosa Parks or Downtown Detroit

2. Go see the lights at the Detroit Zoo

3. Go to a Wings game – it is the first year at Little Caesars!

4. Spend a day at Frankenmuth

5. Attend a Broadway show in GR or Detroit

6. Tube or Toboggan at Echo Valley

7. Visit the Mackinac Bridge when in December when it is frozen

8. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage

9. Adopt a family or donate to the “Make-A-Wish”


Enjoy this Holiday Season! Do something different, spend time with family, and most of all, embrace your Michigan Roots!!

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